EOLD Internship

 End-of-Life Doula Internships Now Available


     Exciting news at The Guest House of Fowlerville (Michigan) for the New Year 2021! We have worked hard to create a sacred space where individuals who are in their last days to weeks of life and their families can come to receive loving, compassionate round-the-clock care. The Guest House is a nonprofit charity with all revenue coming from donations. No one is ever billed for services and no one is ever turned away for not being able to pay. In the past year, 50 individuals have been supported to have a peaceful death.

     Beginning February 1, owner and end-of-life doula Jen Fargo is launching a new internship program at The Guest House. Folks who have completed (or are close to completing) end-of-life doula training and certification are eligible to apply for the seven-day internship which will include the following:

  • Six eight-hour shifts at The Guest House

  • Hands-on experience with the dying and their families

  • One mentoring session with Jen to review and reflect on the week and experiences encountered


     Purpose Statement

     Helping guide another human being along their end-of-life journey involves a couple of essential prerequisites. First and foremost is compassion and a desire to serve. It is also important to gain experience spending time with the dying and their families, which is the purpose of the internship. We can provide the individual who wants to serve, an opportunity to spend significant time in a residential hospice home environment and gain experience with a range of families and situations.


     Pilot Program

     It is understood that this is a pilot program and will be evolving as it grows. The intern will currently be enrolled in an end-of-life doula certification program or have finished a certification program. This type of internship will work best if candidates understand that there needs to be a great deal of flexibility and fluidity. The goal is for the intern to get the most hands-on experience. The Guest House can house up to five residents at one time and the population varies from week to week.


     Learning Objectives

     Interns will become members of the care team at The Guest House. Learning objectives for this internship include the following:

  • Observe at least one patient/family intake interview.

  • Observe safety protocols for safe transfer of patients.

  • Assist caregivers with hands-on care of patients.

  • Participate in a death vigil.

  • Provide family education and support during a death vigil.

  • Provide guidance for creation of a death vigil plan.

  • Work with patients who are not actively dying and interested in engaging in life review or legacy work.

  • Help identify additional community resources for The Guest House residents.

  • Provide immediate after death care and bereavement support.   

  •  Other possible learner outcomes may be identified according to the skills and interests of each intern. We will work with each intern to create the best possible learning experience within the limitations of our constantly changing population of families being served at any given time.


The cost for the internship is $997


To apply for internship please email Jen Fargo at guesthousefowlerville@gmail.com requesting an application.