I would like to thank all the wonderful people that made our event such a success. From all the donors, volunteers and every single person that helped in whatever fashion, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even though this was my dream and with the support of my husband Brian we started something life altering. Now with the help of our staff, family and all of you wonderful donors we are now making a difference in the life of many people that is dealing with their loved one being at the end of life. We all are in this together no matter how big or small of a part you are playing, you help make up the team that is a blessing to many, and will continue to be so with the help and love of all of you. Thanks and God Bless. I am posting a list of all the wonderful people who donated that allowed us to raise so much money. WE WERE ABLE TO RAISE OVER $5000,00 DOLLARS, SO THANKS TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.


Catholic Charities, Firehouse Subs, Hungry Howies, Black Rock, Pet Supplies Plus, Town Shop Salon, Massage Rehab, Grace Hospice, Cedar Car Wash, Frazer Funeral and Cremation Services, Village Manor Retirement, Kay D's Adult Foster Home, Brighton Barbers, The Ceramic Studios, Homewood Suites Lansing, The Pound Brighton, Hartland Glen Golf Club, Ironwood Golf Club, Bush's Grocery Store, Rachele McCoy, Sylvia LeBuschewsky, Mary Gallagher, Tom & Sandra Jatkowski, Dairyville, Becky Cybart, Steve & Julie Fargo, Lakeside Service Company, Kelsey Thompson, The Shop, A 1 Rental, Biggby Fowlerville, Tracey & Carl Ciminelli, Tot Spot, Life Expressions Decor, Spirit Services, Big Dave lawn Service, Tracy Hartsufe.

If I have forgotten anyone forgive me, its been a hectic week.

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